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Liz Poole, 

BMed Sc, SCPHN (Specialist Community Public Health Nurse), RSCN, Qualified Baby Massage and baby yoga Instructor, Qualified children's yoga teacher. Special yoga trained children's yoga teacher also for SEND children and 200hrs AYTT.

Award winning (whats on 4 kids awards 2017) and multiple nomination 2018, 2019, 2020 and also networking mummies 2017 and mums in business finalist 2020.

I am a mummy to my two beautiful girls, who are full of mischief and fun! I am also a qualified nursery nurse, a registered sick children’s nurse and a registered specialist community public health nurse (ex NHS health visitor), as well as a qualified massage and yoga instructor!

For  23years I  worked within the children’s and families healthcare sector in one form or another. I have absolutely loved all of my jobs and have worked within some incredible hospitals and specialist units around the UK and in Australia including children’s critical care and also in the community as part of the health visiting team in Lincoln.

I have always had special interest in baby brain development, attachment and also the power of touch and skin to skin. I have witnessed the positive effects within special care and intensive care units as well as within the community and home environment. I believe in the benefits 100% and am passionate about the benefits associated with massage and yoga on all of these areas of development both as a professional but also as a mummy.

I had two pretty awful pregnancies and two c-section deliveries and both had aspects of emergency care for either me and/or the girls during both. So my skin to skin and immediate post-delivery experiences were far from what I had hoped for. During my second pregnancy I suffered pre and post natal anxiety and was very emotional to say the least! Add in breastfeeding issues and colic and…..well you can imagine I am sure! LOL! So I have first-hand experience of how incredible it can be for parent and baby and I have felt and seen it for myself personally as well as in a professional capacity and having the theoretical/medical background and knowledge.

I have used baby massage to help many babies and parents over the years at all levels of my career. The comfort that massage and touch can bring parents and babies in the hospital environment is priceless; as well as in the home environment when used to relieve some of the difficulties faced in the early weeks and months.

When I had my children and absolutely knew they were going to be my world and my priority; and when NHS life became to demanding and stressful to fit around my girls and a husband working away at times. It made perfect sense to open precious moments and share these incredible experiences and benefits with families, and also prioritise my family and work around them.

I get so much pleasure from my classes and the incredible feedback and messages of thanks I receive and feel blessed to be able to do this and spend as much time as I do with my family.

My purpose with precious moments is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children feel loved, valued and respected. Empowering parents to learn and apply massage/yoga to their little ones. By providing education about the importance of loving touch, babies and parents get to experience the many health and emotional benefits. I also love the children's yoga and am passionate about children's mental health in currently difficult times. Sadly as a professional I have seen an increase in childhood anxiety and depression, not to mention the physical differences in children as a result of lifestyles changes and the world we live in today. I want to actively make a difference to this through massage and yoga. I provide valuable to support with all of my experience and knowledge to all that attend and feel really privileged to support families and children through some difficult times and share in the happiness and milestones achieved.

Classes are fun, sociable, relaxed, supportive and informative, with a lot of additional support available on all things baby from myself and other mummies; anything goes with the babies in class

and nothing is a problem. So I look forward to meeting you and your little one and sharing some precious moments.

Best Wishes

Liz x

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