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Benefits of Baby Massage

Four main categories have been identified for the benefits of baby massage:​






Baby massage is a great way for parents to be able to communicate with their babies through touch. It promotes bonding and secure attachment which is of crucial importance to human beings. Baby massage fundamentally supports this process by providing parents with a wonderful opportunity to bond with their babies through loving touch, special one-to-one time, eye contact and affection.


Precious moments massage stimulates many of baby’s major internal systems and aids neurological and physical development. The internal systems stimulated and helped by massage include:

  • Digestive

  • Circulatory

  • Nervous

  • Immune

  • Respiratory


Baby massage can help with many common body ailments that can cause great anxiety for parents and babies. Research has shown that baby massage can alleviate many of the symptoms and pain associated with:

  • Gas and Colic

  • Excessive mucus and congestion

  • Teething

  • Growing Pains

  • Tummy aches and constipation

  • Sensitivity to touch (with patience and commitment baby massage can help)

  • Physical and psychological tension


Baby massage has been shown to help babies and parents relax and become less stressed. Many parents believe that baby massage has helped their baby attain the following:

  • Improved sleep patterns - children need much more sleep than adults to develop and function properly with a newborn needing up to 18 hours

  • Regulation of behavioural states - when relaxed, humans have a better ability to control themselves and their behaviour

  • Being calm and the ability to self calm

"We have just finished our 5 week course of baby massage. My little girl has loved it. Baby massage has helped to relieve my daughter's wind and constipation troubles and it helps to settle her down before bed time. Liz is very friendly and has been a wonderful teacher of baby massage"



"A lovely skill to learn and a wonderful way to bond with my baby. Very relaxing class and great to have Liz on-hand for any questions I had on anything baby-related"



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