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What is Baby Massage?

Baby Massage is centuries old and can help give a child the best possible start in life – health, happiness, security and a feeling of being loved. The benefits of baby massage for both parent and baby are significant, impressive and undisputed and are widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world.

Baby Massage involves the parent learning a series of strokes and massage techniques in order to enhance their baby’s physiological and psychological development and to deepen the parent-infant bond through nurturing touch. Nurturing touch supports the parent-infant relationship and promotes sensitive, attuned parenting.

As well as learning the massage sequence, infant massage is about discovering newborn communication through their body language (non-verbal communication), and learning how to interpret this in terms of whether or not they would like a massage. At precious moments we believe it is important for babies to only be massaged if they are accepting of it and effectively 'agree' to the process.

Improves relaxation, encouraging longer sleep duration for infants

Helps to relieve the effects of colic, teething, constipation and wind

Stimulates all a baby's major systems; co-ordination, respiration, digestion, learning ability and language development

Helps strenghten the bond between parents and child

Relaxes both parent and child

"Touch is the first sense...

to be developed in the womb and it is the last sense to leave us before we die"

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Baby Massage
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