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Wow a whole year already!!

Wow! It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since I left my job as a Health Visitor to set up my own company and run Precious Moments. I am so incredibly proud of the year I have had and incredibly grateful to all of you for being a part of it! I feel truly privileged to have met all of you and shared some incredible first's and some truly precious moments. THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your incredible journey too.

It has been a really busy year launching and establishing classes, choosing venues, and attending events etc to get out and meet as many of you as I can and share the amazing benefits that massage and yoga are evidenced to provide you with. Starting off with the baby massage classes first and then shortly followed a few months later by the baby yoga! Now launching the toddler and school aged children's yoga classes! I am so incredibly passionate and have 100% belief in the benefits of massage and yoga for all ages and its such an honor and delight to be able to help and support so many. I absolutely love every class I meet and spend time with.

I am so proud to have been nominated for TWO awards! BOTH, within my first year! (Nominated by parents too!). The first was through Networking Mummies, this was a judging panel and no voting needed, sadly wasn't my turn this time. But the buzz and pride to just be nominated will stay with me for a while yet. I was then lucky enough to have been nominated by numerous parents in my groups for a "what's on 4 little one's award" Category "best independent activity for under 5s-EAST". This will be a voting system and most votes will win. The voting is currently taking place NOW! until Monday 3rd July and then the votes will be counted! The people with the most votes will then be invited to attend the final and awards in October. EEEK! If you should wish to vote for me you can do so at and follow the "VOTE NOW" link. A huge thank you in advance and massive thank you to those who have voted already. Please do let your friends and families know how much you enjoy the classes and ask them to join you in voting, thanks so much again.

I am really looking forward to a summer meet up and seeing lots of past precious moments babies again! I really miss you all. If the xmas get together is anything to go by it will be HUGE! I hope lots of you can attend. It will be at whisby nature reserve in August. (available to all who attend or have attended classes with me). I am planning another xmas one too and it will be BIGGER this year! I am also in the process of developing my mailing list and posting out my first newsletter! they will then become regular and I will share news and updates with you as well as "keeping in touch". If any of you have anything you would like to share in a newsletter then please let me know.

Please do follow the facebook page for updates and events and feel free to share it with your friends via your own facebook page. I also have a CLOSED GROUP for all past and present members of precious moments (attended, booked onto, or currently attending classes). This is where I can continue to offer support, share events, post news, and inform you of weighing dates available etc. It is also for mummies and daddies to be peer support to one another. It's a very supportive, social and friendly group. If you have been on a course or are currently on a course then please do ask me for the link to add yourselves.

Reflecting back on the past year and my journey so far, fills me with so many positive feelings and emotions and immense gratitude to all of you for choosing me and sharing my journey, but also yours.



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