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My term month so far!

Wow! I have been a little quiet with the blog but in the lead up to summer I had some lovely collaboration events with Splat messy play Lincoln and Caterpillar music. I also had my summer meet up! I just love the meet ups we have twice a year. This one was so lovely as lots of the babies are now one and some are walking but lots are crawling, then at the other end of the scale are my new and current babies who are so little (just as the all were when they started), so it's lovely to see the progression and watch them growing and changing, Pus the next generation of precious moments babies are also starting to arrive and this is so lovely to share and see.

I then had my holiday with my family and my lovely little girls, and hit the ground running as this term has been completely full and next term is half full and some bookings already for the term after as well! Plus the play and weigh at Holly Tree soft play has become so busy we have added an extra session in this month, which is full! So I am so excited about this being the best month/term so far and the lovely feedback, comments and stories are incredible. I love to hear them so lease keep sharing.

On top of all of this my children's yoga is growing and I have started working in schools this academic year and the changes we have noticed in the children is just lovely. The benefits of baby massage, baby yoga and children's yoga really are being observed not only by myself but teachers and parents too. I absolutely love knowing and seeing the positive changes my services are bringing to people and just want to get it out there to more and more people over the rest of this year. It really is what I am doing it for.

So I am excited to see more sessions added over the coming months and definitely into the new year as I have been contacted by lots of schools, parents and other professionals to ask about availability. I am also attending the What's on 4 little ones final! As i made it through the voting stages. This is such a privilege and incredible achievement after just 16 months and I would not have made it to the final without the votes from all of you whom attend the classes. It makes my heart smile that you all felt happy enough to do that and that you were so happy with the classes you are recommending them to others too. THANK YOU!

So lots o exciting things ahead and I can not wait to share them with you, I have some exciting collaborations and events coming up in the lead up to xmas and lots of new things for next year. So grateful and thankful for your attendance and support.

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