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Suitable from 8 weeks upwards

Baby Yoga

Precious Moments are award winning classes committed to creating special memories and give you a beautiful and unforgettable experience to share with your child in those precious early years that will benefit their development both physically and emotionally.

With a highly experienced instructor and fun and friendly classes parents will also gain benefits from the relaxation as well as forming lifelong friendships with other parents.

Our baby yoga classes are based on Hatha yoga, you are taught to help your baby into carefully developed movements that are beneficial to both growth and development. Specially designed sequences support your baby in their diagonal coordination and body awareness, which is required for crawling and walking. Baby yoga also builds trust between you and your baby as some of the sequences are specifically designed to stimulate the moro reflex creating self-reliance.

Baby Yoga

Strengthens baby's body and develops their reflexes

Stimulates the brain and nervous system

Helps to relieve the symptoms of colic, constipations and wind

Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints

"Because we all want...

the best start for our children"

              Hands on Babies

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